HS Live on Tour 2018

If you read my previous post, you will know that I came to Harry’s show in Singapore last year. It was a sold-out theatre show, and people came from so many countries since Singapore was the only Southeast Asian country that he visited for his 2017 tour. An overwhelming demand made him and his team […]

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Early 2018 Playlist

This is probably my first time that I share what I listen to. Idk, I kinda believe that music or something you listen to will represent your personality. Its an interesting thing isn’t it? My music playlist probably influenced by my original taste for music, the movie I recently just watched such as The Greatest […]

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Singapore, November 2017.

First thing first, big thanks to Mr. Harry Styles, I had a good time with my cousin, and of course himself on his intimate concert. We planned this trip for months, saved up money like crazy as a college student haha. We had a little business going on, and use the profits for this trip. […]

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An Idealist.

Recently I had a talk with a friend, who has been living far out there, in a land that I wish I live there too. We had a little serious talk about life, social, cultures, etc. And me, being an INFP (who has been said to be an idealist), couldn’t help it but wonder what […]

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Scarves by Emerald.

I am happy and honored to be one of the firsts to try these scarves by Emerald. These two scarves is my favorite since it’s two of my favorite colors :). They design the scarves by themselves, it’s all amazing. They just reveal their first ever collection not too long ago, so if you want […]

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High School Sweethearts

September 8th, 2017. A sleepover, me and the other 7 girls (minus 4 😦  ). It’s always been fun to have a quality time and catching up with these people. Someone ever asked me “what girls actually do when they are having a sleepover or a meet up? Do you bad-mouthing people? Or talk about […]

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Last days being 20?

Hi. It’s the last week of July.  I’m turning 21 next weekkkkkkk, but still feel like 17 or 18 though lol. When I was 18, I did have a talk with my best friend wondering what we would be when we’re 21. She said 21 is the golden age. I hope so. Cheers to alllll […]

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