Getting Ready with Farah

This girl beside me in the previous pictures is my friend, but a super one, Farah. She is like a sister, a twin, or what ever you call it lol. I’ve known her since I was like 4-foot-something tall and she was much taller than me. And now I am 5’5 tall and taller than […]

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Smells Like Lush

I am a big fan of scented things but only for certain scents, I’m a bit picky. But Lush’s scents is exceptional because I think I’ll love them all. I am obsessed with their products, just look at the shapes and the colour of their products, I just can’t resist to bring them home.  My […]

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20 Years

  I’m 20! Feels weird because I feel like I still have a 16 years old’s mind in my head and will not counted as a teen anymore :(. But I had a really great day with my favorite people around me and I feel so lucky to have them. I got to spend my […]

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