20 Years



I’m 20! Feels weird because I feel like I still have a 16 years old’s mind in my head and will not counted as a teen anymore :(. But I had a really great day with my favorite people around me and I feel so lucky to have them.

I got to spend my birthday with my cousins and friends, and it was lovely. My friends came over to my house unexpectedly and brought a chocolate cake, thank you girls! My cousins came over to my house too and spent the night here, so we had a little party (I mean baking fancy cakes/desserts and watching tv shows with pajamas). They had to accompany me because my parents was away for the night. I’ve always enjoyed having a sleepover with them since I was a kid.

My mum and sister always plan a different birthday cake for my birthday since years ago. I once had a ‘sleeping stitch on a piano’ cake. And last year they gave me a rainbow cake with One Direction on top of it (I have no idea what was in their mind actually, lol), but it was the best. This year they had a sushi birthday cake. It was not a cake literally, but more like a sushi pyramid. I enjoyed it so much, thanks mum.

My sister went to Netherlands the other day, and she low key bought me a present. She bought me a Coster Diamonds watch with a little diamond on top of it. I never thought she’d buy me such things like that, so I’m amazed. She already bought me so much things though apart from the watch, thank you sister!

Here is a bonus picture I would like to add to this post. My brother didn’t seem to be happy for my birthday haha.


R x


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