August Favorites & Latest Purchase



I’ve been caught up in a make up world for these past few months and I’ve been collecting things one by one to make my kit completed. I think I’ve started to figure how to use them one by one.. Soooo this is basically my recent favourites and recent purchase that I’ve been using on my face 😀


Voluptuous False Lash Effect Mascara by Max Factor

I’ve been loving the Max Factor Products for the past years because it is really good and not quite pricey. This mascara is one of my favourites! This thing doesn’t bring any clumps to your eyelashes. I’ve been using this for daily make up. If you want to get a natural look, you still can use this one, you just have to apply them very lightly and it will give you an amazing natural look!

Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection NUDES by L.A Girl USA

This eyeshadow palette is a dupe for Urban Decay Naked3. The colours is very very similar with the Urban Decay palette and its a really nice colour. This brick eyeshadow is unexpectedly very pigmented. For a product that costs like 7-8 dollars, is really satisfying for me. Big thumbs up for this piece of product!

Beauty Amplifier Smoothing and Brightening Powder by Sephora

I BLOODY LOVE THIS PRODUCT! This thing is like magic. It’s like no matter how bad the make up you put on your face, you can always apply this afterwards and still look perfect. I got this thing from Sephora France, so its kind of different (the packaging, title, etc) from the local Sephora shop (Indonesia). This powder works like a setting powder, I think. It will make your pores invisible and your skin looks brighter.

Oil-control Primer Spray by City Color

I have a quite oily-skin, so I’ve been trying things like toner, primer, etc for oil-control. The thing that I love from this product is, it smells like citrus and very refreshing before you put any other make up on. But I’ve been using this for a couple times, and unfortunately it doesn’t give my oily face a significant change. It doesn’t really make my make up last longer than before. Sooo I think I should try another primer that works on my oily skin.

Naked3 Power Set Brush

Even though the packaging tells you that it was a Urban Decay brush, but it is actually not. Urban Decay never produce a brush set like them, so let’s just say someone else made them. This brush set only costs like 8-9 dollars and the quality is okay for me. I love the packaging and it’s really handy for traveling. The brush set contains 12 brushes including powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush, foundation brush, etc. The brushes is soft and it is good for an affordable brush set.


Hope you like the little review I made and helps you to pick your make up kit! ❤


R x


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