Early 2017

“If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your table and a roof over your head. You are richer than you think.”


Its been months since the last time I wrote, because I had no idea and nothing interesting to share 😦 .

2017 has been so good, I didn’t expect to be anything like this.  1st of January, I knew I have to start from somewhere so I did set a lot of goals/things I have to do before 31st of December. And I already ticked the quarter of the list :).

I’ve learned a looooot this year: Yes, its only 3 months and I’ve learned so much. I have done so many first-time things which I’m really proud of, even though it wasn’t all a good one to remember. Last year I was just wondering how to make money because I was broke af haha. Now I do know how to make money, I earned money by myself and it is actually more than enough for an undergraduate student.

I think I know what I want: There is another valuable thing that I have learned. These past years I didn’t even know the answer for who I want to be, what do I want, what do I like, what will I do after I graduate. But I guess I know a little of the answers. I do prefer to walk around and feel everything I haven’t feel while doing the job, rather than just sitting there chained to one job and waiting for the pay day.

Last one, I am grateful: I am soooo grateful, I have home to always come back to, and lovely people around me to keep me on track.

Here’s to another hundreds of happy days of 2017!


Cheers and love,



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