High School Sweethearts

September 8th, 2017. A sleepover, me and the other 7 girls (minus 4 😦  ). It’s always been fun to have a quality time and catching up with these people. Someone ever asked me “what girls actually do when they are having a sleepover or a meet up? Do you bad-mouthing people? Or talk about […]

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Last days being 20?

Hi. It’s the last week of July.  I’m turning 21 next weekkkkkkk, but still feel like 17 or 18 though lol. When I was 18, I did have a talk with my best friend wondering what we would be when we’re 21. She said 21 is the golden age. I hope so. Cheers to alllll […]

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Another Start?

  Hello. I guess it’s been a while since the last time I wrote a proper post. Running a blog isn’t that easy when you still have tons of task in University. Anyway, it’s July! Summer and holiday vibes is in the air. It is that time of the year when I can freely explore […]

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Sketch To Match – CompFest 8

Hi. This is the thing that I have done for 10 months, and I thought I’d share a little bit of it 🙂  This event was actually my first try and I was a bit overwhelmed but enjoyed it at the same time.   Entrance Gate. Entrance Hallway. This should’ve be on the stage 😦 But […]

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20 Years

  I’m 20! Feels weird because I feel like I still have a 16 years old’s mind in my head and will not counted as a teen anymore :(. But I had a really great day with my favorite people around me and I feel so lucky to have them. I got to spend my […]

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