Early 2018 Playlist

This is probably my first time that I share what I listen to. Idk, I kinda believe that music or something you listen to will represent your personality. Its an interesting thing isn’t it? My music playlist probably influenced by my original taste for music, the movie I recently just watched such as The Greatest […]

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Singapore, November 2017.

First thing first, big thanks to Mr. Harry Styles, I had a good time with my cousin, and of course himself on his intimate concert. We planned this trip for months, saved up money like crazy as a college student haha. We had a little business going on, and use the profits for this trip. […]

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An Idealist.

Recently I had a talk with a friend, who has been living far out there, in a land that I wish I live there too. We had a little serious talk about life, social, cultures, etc. And me, being an INFP (who has been said to be an idealist), couldn’t help it but wonder what […]

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Early 2017

“If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your table and a roof over your head. You are richer than you think.” Hi. Its been months since the last time I wrote, because I had no idea and nothing interesting to share 😦 . 2017 has been so good, […]

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I am feeling a little deep for the moment. Just want to write a bit of random thought.   One. When people say you gotta keep your friends or family close wherever you go, I will truly agree with them. You will need someone to keep you on track and keep you grounded. Two. When […]

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